Friday, March 22, 2013

That's My Boy

I shared about Joe Bear the cat the other day but didn't have a picture to share.

He's slowing down and becoming ever so slightly more mellow. But most people never get to see this side of Joe, or even get to see Joe at all. He is so terrified of other people that he rarely ventures out when we have family or friends over. Some people have known us for years before getting the opportunity to meet him.

When we first brought him home he fit in the palm of my hand and slept every night on my chest.
He's almost 11 years old. I still think of him as a kitten. But that's almost 60 in people years.

He is a snuggle bug; Daryl and I can hold him upside down snuggled in our arms like a baby, but he really prefers to sit draped on top of you somehow.

He has the loudest purr in the world and when he meows he sounds like he needs to be oiled.

He will nip you with his teeth if you stop petting him before he's ready.

He usually joins us on the couch after the boys are in bed and often crawls in bed with us at night.

Unlike his purebred "sister", Joe is a mutt; an interesting combination of what looks like a short haired tabby and a medium haired calico. But he is beautiful and his fur is so soft.

He sleeps in the oddest places and ways. He's weird but he is ours. 
And we wouldn't have him any other way.

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