Friday, March 1, 2013

Proud Parker

The eldest child has been up to quite a lot lately. 

Parker got his midterm progress report this week - 
all A's for academics and S's for specials (art, music, PE). 

He also spent a lot of time doing research this week on New Hampshire
and creating this project for class.
He had to identify the state flag, bird, type of land, and a particular custom.
He also found out the state gem is smoky quartz and so he drew it in 3 different shapes
as a border around the whole poster. 

And then tonight was Parker's Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet at Druid Hills.

The Bears brought in the flags and Parker got to bring in the American flag.

Plus, he was recognized for earning his Bear badge tonight!!!!!

We continue to be very proud of the fine young man that Parker is growing into. 
What a blessing he is to have in our family.

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