Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Big Helper

Over the weekend, while I was cleaning the house, Wesley decided that he wanted to help. 
First he helped with the laundry. Usually I fold his clothes, and then he puts the stack away. 
This time he decided to fold AND put them away. 
He did a great job! 

He asked for another chore then. 
I asked him to pick up the extra cat food on the floor of the cat bathroom. 
He got the small broom and dustpan and SWEPT the floor
and then filled up the cats' food and water bowls.  

But then his little servant heart really showed itself. 
He disappeared for a while and was quiet. 
I found him in Parker's room. 
He was putting everything away - and then he MADE his brother's bed. 

Of course, he is 5 after all. 
When I asked him to make his own bed, he was suddenly too tired! 
Parker graciously came in later and made it for him. 

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