Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Boy and His Bear

Back in November of 2007 before Wesley was born, we took Parker to Build-A-Bear
and let him create a special bear for his brother. 
He picked out this lovely soft brown bear and named him "Brownie Bear." 

Brownie Bear is Wesley's special friend and he sleeps with him at night. 
Like Parker's own Winnie the Pooh bear, Brownie Bear always accompanies our family on trips. 
We hope they are both up for flying to China in a few months! 

Anyway, so the consensus was that we needed a new bear for the new little brother. 
We spent Easter night in Seffner and on Monday morning, with gift card in hand,
we visited Build-A-Bear at the Brandon Town Center. 
The boys originally wanted to get a tiger since Davis was born in the year of the tiger. 
Alas, the tiger is not available in the state of Florida, so the boys decided on this nice brown bear.  

Wesley was in charge of stuffing. 

Then both boys got to wish on and kiss small hearts to get tucked inside the bear. 

Parker was in charge of fluffing. 

And then all three guys sat down to name him and create a birth certificate. 

Meet 'Lil Champ. 

He will be flying with us to China as well,
so the boys can give their new brother his very own bear.

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