Thursday, April 25, 2013

A New Timeline

Last year we had to work on a timeline for Wesley's class. Remember he got moved over to a VPK class last year about March. The timeline was actually decoration for VPK graduation, so his was just displayed in the classroom for a while before he came home.

Fast forward to this year. It's timeline time again. We started from scratch. He wanted to use regular poster board and we picked up pre-made letters at Staples. Wesley helped me pick out a few of the pictures from blog posts and we had them printed up at Walgreens.

Then it was time to mount the pictures and they were supposed to have captions. 
He was so proud and wrote all of the captions himself. 

Top Left - The day he was born sitting on Grandmommy's lap getting introduced to Parker
Top Middle - On the field at Tropicana after a game and running the bases
Top Right - With the family at Belleview UMC as characters from Toy Story for Trunk N Treat

Bottom Left - Our family on Christmas break at Disney
Bottom Middle - Our family on Grand Turk during our cruise last year
Bottom Right - First Day of VPK

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