Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Counting Down The Days

Our travel approval was date April 23 and was actually received at the Lifeline office last Friday. So the head of the China team at Lifeline applied for our Consulate Appointment on Sunday night this week (Monday morning in China). We submitted five dates, with our first preference being Monday, July 1. Since we are requesting so far in advance, there should not be any problem with the date. And that would mean that we would meet Davis on Monday June 24th and leave for China either the Wednesday or Thursday before that. Unfortunately Lifeline was not able to hear back on confirmation before things closed in China for a holiday on Wednesday. So we are still waiting for that confirmation before booking flights.

The boys know that we will be traveling after school is out, which seems far off and pretty close all at the same time. To help Parker and Wesley visualize just how many days it is until we travel, Wesley and I made a paper chain tonight while watching Parker play baseball from the stands. We used scrapbook paper and some of the fancy scissors to create the paper chain. We assumed June 19 as the date of departure and made 50 links in the chain.

Our new routine after bedtime prayers now includes taking a link off the chain 
as we move forward towards China and Davis!!

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doug and terryr said...

Oh my word! When you said you had 50 links on your paper chain, that put into perspective how soon you will be traveling! I'm continuing to pray that God will prepare Davis' heart to meet his family, and that he will slip into your family as easily as Grace came into ours.