Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seeing Shamu

The third grade classes at South Ocala only get one field trip this year, but it was a big one.
Today the entire third grade rode charter buses to Sea World!

Parker had to be at school at 6:45am, over an hour before school usually starts.
Wouldn't you know Daryl had NO trouble getting him up and ready to go?

According to Parker, there were lots of great things about the day.....
* watching Wreck It Ralph on the bus there and back
* getting to see the Turtle Trek exhibit again
* hanging out at Shamu's Happy Harbor in the nets and on the coaster
* getting to see the Clyde and Seamore show
* having spending money and getting to buy a couple souvenirs
* plus there was a pizza buffet for lunch!

They didn't get back to school until 5:45pm.
But this was the smile Daryl got tonight when he picked up the big boy from school.

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