Thursday, April 18, 2013

Showered With Love

On Wednesday afternoon this week, Druid Hills UMC hosted a Toddler Shower for Davis. 
It was such a very sweet and generous thing for them to do for our little guy and our family! 
Daryl was out of town at a clergy retreat, 
but I had the opportunity to be loved on by his congregation which was so sweet. 

There were about thirty folks there, including two gentlemen from the congregation.
The theme couldn't have been more perfect for this Disney fan - it came from the Disney Baby Line, with Simba, Timon and Pumba from the Lion King. 
We started off with a lovely lunch, followed by cake and then presents. 

Davis is going to be one very well-dressed child this summer in all of the cute short sets he received, as well as the cute windbreaker, undies and socks!

Several of the ladies got a huge kick out of their amazing AND similar taste. 
We received three of this outfit 

and two of this one! 

We were also blessed to receive an assortment of great toys, stuffed animals, 
two beautiful handmade blankets, 
a booster seat for the dining room, a car seat, a stroller 
and a child seat for my bicycle so we can continue our family bike rides.  

We have a nice start on a library for him, with several children's books that are adoption-related.
We even received two cds with Chinese lullabies and stories. 

Uncle Charles went out to make his own purchase for Davis 
so that he would not feel out of place in this baseball loving family. 

His grandson Adam even got in the act, 
sending a gift down from North Carolina that he had picked out as well. 

Debby Baugher and her girls bought Davis a backpack and stuffed it with little toys and snacks 
that would be helpful to reassure our boy on the day we pick him up. 

There were even several presents for Parker and Wesley - a couple of which 
are specifically for entertainment on the plane ride to China. 

We certainly do feel "showered"with the love and generosity of Daryl's congregation. 
Their excitement and support have been a huge blessing to us,
and we are so thankful for the way that our new son was celebrated! 

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