Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blessings Multiplied

In the couple of weeks, we have received several other gifts and blessings for our family, 
in anticipation of Davis' arrival. 

First, was this little red wagon from the Reids (the cute model is our friend Mary Elizabeth!) 

Then from the Reids' daughter Christy (my friend and birthday buddy) in Mississippi and her family....
matching t-shirts for all 3 boys from the Bead Shack in New Albany, Mississippi
and a beautiful handmade sling for carrying Davis around. 

Christy and her daughter Abby are modeling the sling in this picture. 

I enjoyed having a sling when Wesley was little, 
but alas I gave it away with all the other baby stuff a few years back. 
So thankful for the beautiful new sling, made with love. 

And then today, Miss Nina from Belleview UMC stopped in my office to visit. 
She had books for all 3 boys, and 3 beautiful outfits for Davis in different sizes for him to grow into. 

So thankful for all our of friends who continue to bless us as we get ready to add to our family! 

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