Saturday, June 22, 2013

Safe and Sound

We arrived safe and sound in Beijing on Thursday afternoon, June 20th. It is now Saturday night here in Beijing and we are preparing to head to our son Davis' hometown of Guangzhou by bullet train tomorrow. 

We have had an amazing time touring in Beijing over the last couple of days. I've been posting some pictures and updates on Facebook, as it is easier to do than posting detailed accounts of our days right now with the IPad - plus to be honest, we are all pretty tired at night and ready to just head off to bed! 

On Friday we headed out with our guide Angela and another adoptive family (the Queens) to climb the Great Wall of China. That involved a cable car ride, a lot of climbing, and a toboggan ride back down the mountain. It was incredible! We followed that up with a great lunch, and then walking through Tiannemen Square and the outer court of the Forbidden City. 

Today, we toured the Temple of Heaven, a silk factory, the interior of the Forbidden City, took a rickshaw tour, and went to a local theater for an awesome acrobatic show. 

I promise to update later on, with full accounts of our days and experiences; because we want to remember all the details and keep an account of our journey for Davis. But for now enjoy a few pictures of our Great Wall experience. 

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