Saturday, June 8, 2013

Super Saturday

This morning we slept in and then Daryl made waffles for everyone! 
About noon we headed out for the YMCA and spent about 3 hours in the pool. 

The boys swim tested today - Parker started out with a yellow band but was determined to get back to green, which allows access to the deep end. He finally earned a green band the LAST week of summer camp in 2012. He practiced his breaststroke and backstroke this afternoon until he retested and earned his green band! They recorded it in the book and he will NOT have to retest at camp this summer. 

Wesley was impressing with his skills in the water too. 

After everyone was sufficiently worn out at the pool, we changed clothes and headed to Cody's for a late lunch/early dinner. This is Rael's favorite restaurant and they don't have them in Minnesota where she goes to college. Wesley was so worn out from all the excitement that he took a nap as the rest of us finished eating. He managed to get a ride back out to the car too and more snuggles. Rael certainly enjoyed this time - she was our babysitter extraordinaire for the first 18 months of Wesley's life.

At home we napped, played video games and just generally hung out.
Miss Mary also made sure to visit with her good friend (and former catsitter) too.

Our evening finished up at Ocala Chocolate downtown for dessert and
we walked around the square eating our ice cream.

Someone finished his ENTIRE ice cream cone tonight - with Superman ice cream.

It was wonderful to be able to just spend so much time with Rael today and 
we really enjoyed her company. 
We are glad that she had a great first year at college, 
but super happy that she is home for the summer and able to visit with us.   

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