Thursday, August 8, 2013

Birthdays Multiplied

After we left our Siesta Key Beach vacation we pointed the car north. We made a pit stop at the outlet mall in Ellenton for school sneakers (love the Skechers outlet there!) and then it was time to celebrate some birthdays with family. On Daryl's side of the family there are 3 July birthdays now (Davis, Uncle David and Granddaddy) and 2 August birthdays (Grannie and Aunt Dawn). We celebrated them all together with Sunday lunch and my mom came over to join us as well. 

Left to right: Grannie, Davis, Aunt Dawn, Granddaddy and Uncle David

Davis got his very first Grandmommy original birthday cake. He absolutely loved his car. The wheels were chocolate covered doughnuts. We had to hurry with pictures because he couldn't keep his fingers out of the icing. 

After our wonderful lunch, it was time for presents. We started with Grannie. She is celebrating her 86th birthday this year. We made her a book of pictures from our trip to China and Davis. 

We went from oldest to youngest next. We sang Happy Birthday to Davis, showed him how to blow out his candle, and let him dig into his cake. 

He was a bit puzzled when we pulled the cake away after a couple of minutes and brought out the presents. But Davis quickly got into the swing of opening things up. The first present was a gift bag full of fun toys from Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam. 

Then a Lego firetruck set from Mommy, Daddy and the big brothers. 

Uncle David and Aunt Barbara got him an awesome hooded towel that is a superhero cape. 

Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn and the cousins got Davis an awesome bubble gun and some money to go shoe shopping. 

And then there was his big gift from Grannie, Grandmommy and Granddaddy....
a Cozy Coupe. It was a big hit and all the older kids had fun helping him figure it out. 

We got back to the cake eventually after watching the other three grownups open up their birthday presents. Then there was lots more time for playing around. That made for hungry tummies later on and someone really enjoyed the chocolate doughnuts as a snack! 

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