Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Baptism

Saturday night of our beach vacation, we spent with Grandmommy's family (the Davis side of the family) on the beach. We gathered together to celebrate the baptism of baby Charlee, the daughter of Daryl's cousin Robert. We started off at Captain Curt's for dinner.  

Then everyone took a walk from Captain Curt's onto Crescent Beach and walked back towards our hotel of Siesta Royale. Someone decided that walking on the beach wasn't so bad if you got to wear sandals AND push the baby's stroller. 

When we found a good spot, all of the family settled in for some pictures and then Daryl led us all in the baptism. Baby Charlee's godparents are Daryl's cousin Kim and her husband Drew. The day before the baptism was actually their 10th wedding anniversary - married on the same beach during another family vacation. And the shell Kim held with the water was the same one Micah held as ring bearer in their wedding. 

Charlee Emma with her parents, Robert and Alicia. 
Filling up the large baptismal shell with water. 

It was a beautiful evening and a wonderful time with family. We all hung around until the last light had left the sky, visiting and celebrating together. 

Davis with Aunt Kim and Uncle Drew. 

And the night was not complete without taking a cousin beach picture - 
the first with all six Allen cousins. 

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