Friday, August 16, 2013

School Orientation

Today was Orientation and Meet the Teacher Day at South Ocala Elementary. 
For the first time we had TWO classrooms to visit. 

Here are all of the boys' school supplies (Wesley the 3 bags in the back; Parker the 2 bags in the front). There's no way the kids could cart this in to school on their bikes next Monday, so we took everything in today. 

We headed to Wesley's room first. His classroom is in the only original building remaining from the South Ocala renovation a few years back. It's also the same building in which Parker had kindergarten and first grade. Parker was a bit jealous as those playgrounds were added after he was out of kindergarten. 

Wesley's kindergarten classroom and his teacher is Miss Studer. She's been a kindergarten teacher for the last few years here at SOE. She seemed very nice and the room looks great. Kindergarten does staggered start, so Wesley will attend next Monday, Thursday and Friday only and then full weeks after that. 

Then we headed to Parker's fourth grade classroom in one of the newer buildings very close to Wesley. He has Miss Lenon this year, who is new to South Ocala, but fortunately a veteran teacher. She seemed super sweet and excited about the school year. Parker has a couple of friends in his class from previous years and is looking forward to school. 

Backpacks are ready at home. Lunchboxes are waiting to be packed. 
First day outfits will get laid out over the weekend in anticipation of Monday. 
And for now, we wait! 

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