Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 Months as a Family

If you go by the day of the week (Monday), then yesterday marked the start of our 14th week with Davis. If you go by the day on the calendar (24th), then today is our 3 month anniversary. Most days it seems unreal that only that amount of time has gone by. In so many ways, Davis' presence in our house feels so natural that it seems like he has always been here.

That bout of sickness didn't keep him down long after we started getting antibiotics into him. He fought me on the medicine at first, but let's just say that he would take it for Baba with no problems! This week we went back to the doctor to get his second preventative pneumonia shot and also the flu mist vaccine, since he's in daycare.

We received his certificate of citizenship in the mail on Monday. We can use that now to go to the Social Security office and get his name changed on his Social Security card. This will also help us in getting him an American passport, and eventually an American birth certificate.

Davis is continuing to make strides and progress in so many areas. Slowly but surely he gains more words for everyday things (bed, bear, blanket, water, napkin, bowl, spoon, etc). Often he puts three or four English words in a little sentence. Regardless of whether or not he has the right words, he can make his point clear to you with preschooler charades.

He is showing more signs of good healthy attachment to our family. He seems to like daycare at Carousel although sometimes he's bit upset at dropoff. But it never lasts long and then he gets to playing with the other kids. He eats well there and participates and takes a nap when he's supposed to. Of course his favorite thing outside to do is the slide. He's always thrilled to see us come pick him up at the end of the day and runs with a big smile. He carries around his faithful stuffed panda bear all day at daycare and then the bear has to go back in his backpack before we can leave. Thankfully he seems to like Miss Jody in the nursery at Belleview also.

At home he is sleeping better. Many nights he ends up with us about halfway through the night, but that is fine. We're glad he comes straight to find us when he gets scared. The little boy who could not stand to have covers on top of him, will let you tuck him in with his blanket and most of the time the bear gets to stay on the bed too.

Davis has learned to snap. He jumps more now. He walks up and down stairs with more confidence. He loves to play with his brothers. They like to run around the house and growl at each other a lot. Davis still does his kitty cat impression from time to time, but he has added in a dog impression as well as a motorcycle impression - I tried to get a video of that for the blog but we just weren't going to perform on command today! He insists on pushing the garage door button when we come home to shut the door and wants to help with the lock buttons on the car keys.

He has this great hooded towel that Aunt Barbara and Uncle David got him that makes him look like the superhero Shazam. He runs around the house in that every night after getting a bath!

On Sunday when we were home with family, Grandaddy made a comment something along the lines of wondering how could one little boy enrich everyone's lives so much. And Davis has - he most certainly has.

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