Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sick Munchkin Update

So....unfortunately it wasn't a quick 24 hour thing. Davis woke up on Sunday with energy and no fever and seemed to be ok - we went to church, he hung out in the Belleview nursery and did great with Miss Jody. By the time we got home it was naptime and after that it was clear his fever was back and he was super tired and not really hungry anymore. His fever would go down with Tylenol, but back up before it was time for another dose. Daryl and I had Monday off, so we laid low with him and home and prayed it would run its course. No luck again. By Tuesday morning he was just really miserable. With his fever, he couldn't go to daycare. We called for an appointment at the pediatrician and couldn't get in until 4:45pm. So Davis hung out in my office in the morning on a pallet on the floor and later at Daryl's office on the couch.

Diagnosis? In addition to the fever, he's got sores in his mouth like canker sores - those appeared today. He's got a common virus known as "Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease." Seems to be going around - there were two other kids seen at the doctor's yesterday with it. Not really contagious for the older boys or for grown ups. Fever usually runs its course in about five days or so and they said he could go back to daycare on Friday. Lots of tylenol, rest, whatever food and fluids we can get in him, plus they called in a script for some numbing medication for his mouth called "magic mouthwash." In the meantime, Davis continues to trade off hanging out in church offices between Mommy and Daddy. When at home, he has taken up more permanent residence on the couch. The big brothers are at a loss - they hate seeing him miserable and miss their little shadow running around the house. We all want Davis to feel better soon! 

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