Thursday, September 12, 2013

South Ocala Open House

Tonight was the first Open House of the year at South Ocala Elementary. We have two students enrolled this year and had to visit FOUR classrooms. Interesting math isn't it? 

First up was Wesley's kindergarten classroom with Miss Studer. We listened to a presentation about things they were learning and then Wesley showed us some of his artwork that had made the bulletin board and some other projects that were in his cubby. 

Then we headed off to Parker's fourth grade classroom with Miss Lenon. Parker had some geography artwork on the classroom window. Then inside the teacher had set up a scavenger hunt - Parker had to show us all around the classroom and then finish up with showing us how to weigh the mass of a hackysack football.

Still two more classrooms to visit though. Parker participates in a technology enrichment class with Miss McMillen four days a week, so we went up to the computer lab to see the beginnings of their project on simple machines (they are using an animation program on the computer; can't wait to see the end result!)

And our last stop was to Parker's FLAME classroom, where he spends most of Fridays with Miss Yocum. We got to see a pictures of the awards the kids received for last year's projects through the county, and some more geography artwork hanging up. He has a couple big projects coming up this year - an independent research project on a state (North Carolina) that has to look like a sandwich when it's done (and the different things he learns are the parts of the sandwich) and also Miss Yocum had them all enroll in 4H so that they could do a garden project with some grant monies she applied for.

Looks like it will be a very interesting year for both of our boys and thankfully the school year seems to be off to a very good start.

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