Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sick Munchkin

So we've had a sick munchkin today at home. We all slept in but our first clue that something was off was his appetite. It didn't bother him that breakfast wasn't very forthcoming. He loved Daryl's pancakes though and he did play for a while. But when it was lunchtime, he only picked at it. Later we noticed the runny nose and then when Davis woke up from his nap he had a fever. We coaxed some baby Motrin into him and he spent the rest of the day just sort of laying around. The big boys could hardly stand it - they did not like Davis feeling poorly. After a few snacks and picking at his dinner, he retired to the living room sofa and fell asleep. 

He's all safely tucked in his bed now and sleeping soundly. We all sincerely hope and pray that it was just a little bug and that Davis will be feeling much better in the morning.....and that no one else in our house picks it up! 

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