Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top Five Signs That Davis Is An Allen

From the very beginning we noticed signs that Davis fits into our family in so many different ways. 

1. Davis is a member of the "tiny hiney" club. The only pants that have ever fit Parker and Wesley are the slim pants that adjust at the waist. Davis actually has a non-existent hiney! and wears a 18M/2T pants, so he definitely qualifies and will need those slim pants hand-me-downs. 

2. Davis can sleep anywhere. There are legendary stories about Daryl falling asleep in interesting places, like up against the wall in a cafeteria line as a child. When Davis is tired, he is out, no matter where you are. He especially has a hard time staying awake with the motion of the car on any trip over 30 minutes. 

3. Davis has a cowlick. Everyone in Daryl's family seems to have at least one. Wesley's is in the front of his head and means he doesn't need gel to make his hair spike. Davis has two on the back of his head that look like a tornado and when his hair is long, give the illusion of a mohawk. 

4. Davis LOVES cars, really anything with wheels - monster trucks, trains, bicycles, motorcycles. Parker and Wesley have had a major obsession with vehicles from the beginning. Davis seemed overjoyed to discover the bazillion Matchbox cars in the house as well as Parker and Wesley's collection of Hess trucks. Right now Davis is obsessed with this one book we brought home from the library about........firetrucks. 

5. Davis adores food and has a healthy appetite. He has very distinct opinions on what foods he likes and doesn't care for. Parker and Wesley have always enjoyed their veggies from a young age and Davis loves carrots, potatoes, corn, peas and green beans. Davis also has a sweet tooth and prefers cookies and candy over cake and ice cream, just like his brothers at that same age. We will say though that he has a slightly more adventurous palate at this age than his brothers did - jalapeno cheese grits and red beans with rice were never in their repetoire at this age! 

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