Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boys and their Toys

When we were home in Tampa the last time, Grandma sent home a special box of toys with us, from her friends Rhonda and Beau. Grandma used to work with Rhonda and she and her husband have been so helpful to Grandma through her illness with running errands or little chores around the house. While they are all supposed to "share," you can see who gravitated to what when the cool box of goodies got opened up. 

Parker with a Corvette model kit. 
Wesley with a remote control boat. 
Davis with a remote control Corvette and there's another small Corvette in his other hand. 
I just now realized as I was loading these pictures in, that the younger the child, the bigger the toy they were photographed with! Anyway, they have been having lots of fun with their new toys. Thanks very much to the Jensens!

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