Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Dentist Visit

This past Thursday all of us went to visit our dentist, Dr. Backes, for cleanings. Everybody's teeth were in good shape and there were no cavities for the kiddos. Davis reluctantly let the hygienist take a look inside his mouth, but given his issues with medical personnel and procedures they are recommending we take him to a pediatric dentist for more examination. 

Wesley proved to be the most interesting case of the day though. A couple of months ago we noticed a tooth coming in behind one of his top front teeth. It's finally all the way through but it isn't shaped like a regular tooth, rather like a little spike, and it is a bit longer than his baby tooth in that spot. 

 X-rays confirmed that Wesley's adult teeth are still up inside the gum, waiting to come down. The little spike tooth is called a "supernumerary" which just basically means extra tooth. The dentist has seen a lot of this with his patients although we had never heard of it. Leave it to our unique child to come up with this one! We will have to see a pediatric dentist to have it extracted because if we wait for it to fall out on its on it could affect the growth and placement of his adult teeth. Can't wait to see the look on Parker's face when he realizes this means Wesley will have one more tooth for him to collect payment on from the Tooth Fairy! 

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