Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coon Hollo Corn Maze

This is the 5th October that we have lived in the Ocala are and the 4th year that we have made it to a Corn Maze. The Corn Maze is something that Parker and Wesley look forward to all year and always ask about. The first year we came here to Coon Hollo Farms in Micanopy - the last two years we went to Timberline Farms in Belleview. This year with Davis, we decided to try Micanopy again because they have added many more activities besides the Corn Maze that are included in the price of admission. It's a real celebration of Old Florida.

We started with the corn maze first - wandering around in 5 acres of corn. 

Davis wasn't too sure about the corn at first, but was fine walking thru as long as someone was holding him.

Next up was putt-putt. Davis quickly caught on and had fun trying to whack the ball. 

Then we visited the goats in their pen.....

before climbing all over the hay bales. 

Davis got all excited and asked to sit on one of the old tractors. 

While on the tractor he noticed this ride and so I rode it with all the little guys. 

After some time at the tire swing in the tree, we made it over to the line for the wagon ride. Parker and Wesley had fun going down this slide on burlap sacks while we were waiting. 

All settled on the wagon ride to go out and feed the cows in their back pasture. We all fed the cows - and Davis kept talking to them telling them "Hi," "Moo" and "Bye."

Headed back down the hill towards all the fun and games. 

Davis wanted to try the bean bag game. 
He discovered it works best when you walk right up to the hole and drop them in.

All three boys did spill the milk - Parker knocked down all but one milk can. 

Pigskin Pass aand Flippin Chickens were big hits as well. 

By this time we had been there over two hours and were all plenty hot and tired. We got back in the car, stopping at a nearby convenience store for drinks and headed back to Ocala with the air conditioning cranked way up in the car. 
It was a very fun fall day! 

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