Friday, November 1, 2013

Grandma Update

When we were at Sea World last week, my mom Ellen Keller,
(better known around here as Grandma) navigated around the park well in her rented scooter for the day. She'd been in pain for the previous week but was determined to make the trip to Orlando with us!

This past Monday she saw the orthopedic doctor at Moffitt for the pain she was experiencing in her left hip - a problem area in which she had had radiation before. 2 X-rays and 1 MRI later the doctor determined that the problem was not in fact with her hip, but rather with a spot on her pelvis. Dr. Cheong feels that this area is causing all of the pain and wants her to have more radiation. So yesterday Grandma went to Moffitt and met with the radiation doctor. Today she will have the radiation setup and then her treatments will  start next Tuesday. She will have 10 treatments. Also next month she will have another PET scan - her first since the scan in July that necessitated a medication change. We would ask that you please keep her in your prayers.

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