Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and Trunk 'N Treat Fun

Last night we celebrated Halloween with all of the folks at Belleview UMC at our Fall Festival and Trunk 'N Treat. We had the most cars ever (24) including a pirate ship, a horse trailer and even Uncle Charles' horseless carriage. We had tons of kids come over from the elementary school - we estimated over 700 people!!!! - and it was a steady stream of people for over an hour in line. I forgot to charge the camera battery but we were so busy we didn't really have time for pictures anyway. Waiting on some folks from church to post their pictures to Facebook so we might have one of all five of us. 

We wondered how Davis would do with Halloween, between all of the costumes and the sometimes scary decorations. We need not have worried. This holiday is right up his alley. Because Davis has a SERIOUS sweet tooth. And once he realized candy was involved, he was super into Halloween!!!!!!
He did manage to help us hand out candy, with minimal sneaking to try and eat some himself. Later when the crowd thinned out, Parker and Wesley took Davis around to collect some candy. He held his candy bag and went right up to people at all the trunks to get candy and remembered to say "Thank you." The only problem was that he kept stopping after every trunk to try and eat the stuff he had collected. 

Our family theme this year was based upon a Disney Jr cartoon that both Wesley and Davis like - Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Davis was Jake, Wesley was Captain Hook and the rest of us were pirates. We showed a DVD of a Jake movie and were very popular with the preschool crowd going through the line. We got this picture of the van after coming home. 

Tonight we spent the actual Halloween evening doing something that has become a bit of a tradition for us in the last few years. First we met the Baugher girls at First Baptist Ocala for their Trunk N Treat on the softball field. It was our pirates together with a lovely piece of bacon and a hula girl! 

Everyone had a very good time together and there was lots of candy to be had. Since he knew the drill by now, Davis tried to speed things up. When the line was slow, he tried to cut around other people and just go get the candy. And he decided to be a bit picky this evening. A few cars had candy bowls out and let the kids pick whatever piece they wanted. Then other folks held the bowl and picked out a piece to hand to the children. More than once Davis said "No" and waved off a piece of candy he didn't want and tried to pick a different piece out of the bowl. Thank goodness he is CUTE and still remembered to say thank you.

See the baby chickens on the girl's lap? 

After finishing up there we headed over to First Methodist Ocala. We knew a lot of folks there from Wesley's days at the preschool. After going through all of the cars, the big boys headed over to the bounce house and slides, while the little guy settled in with Daddy and started eating the candy from his bag. 

Here are the boys posing with their Trunk N Treat stash. The bags came from our waitress at IHOP last weekend. 

And then as if that wasn't enough to celebrate Halloween, we broke out the goody bags from Grandmommy and Grandaddy that we snuck home in the car from our September trip to Tampa. They were really excited about the candy and the toys!! 

All in all, it was a terrific first Halloween together for our family of five! The littlest pirate in our crew didn't mind the costume as long people were giving him CANDY! 

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