Sunday, November 24, 2013

Light Up Ocala

Saturday was the big Light Up Ocala event in town to kickoff Christmas. Parker's Cub Scout pack marched in the parade and the whole family walked along with him. There were tons of people around. Davis enjoyed waving to the crowd from the stroller. 

When the parade wrapped up we made our way back to the square by the big Christmas tree. Our friends the Reverons were up from Hudson with their Photo Booth and soon the kids were all running around behind the booth playing tag.

Eventually rumbling tummies got the better of us and we headed for the Grand Ballroom downtown which our favorite restaurant Mojo's was using as a buffet dinner spot for the evening. It was a really good spread for dinner including their famous pork. Plus the two littlest guys were free!

Mojo's had activities for the kids included with the meal - cookie decoration and ornament making. All three boys made cookies and Wesley painted an ornament also. Davis required minimal assistance from his big brother in putting together his Christmas cookie.

Then we went back to pick up the Reveron kids (Aydenn and Emma) and headed over to the Soccer Collies booth. The boys have loved this every year and this time was no exception. Davis even got in on the action with a turn - and all the other kids took two turns in the nets. While we were here we ran into the Baugher girls as well as the Reids and the Palmers from Druid Hills.


It was already 8pm and we headed back to the square to see everything all lit up. It was so pretty and Davis oohed and aahed over the lights and the big tree.

After saying goodnight to the Reverons, we headed back to our car. Under the lights is this season's community-wide event - an ice skating rink. We promised the boys we'd be back another night. And then we got to walk past a concert at Citizen's Circle. It was quite a wonderful day for the whole family and for Davis' first ever Christmas event.

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