Monday, November 25, 2013

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40!

On Sunday, Daryl was extremely surprised after worship by the folks at Druid Hills. 
He turns 40 this coming Friday and they threw him a surprise party!
It was an afternoon of wonderful decorations, good food, great dessert,
wonderful company, and of course a lot of good-natured ribbing at the expense of the birthday boy. 


The master of ceremonies for the afternoon was Dave Palmer. He introduced the picture slideshow
that Charles put together after soliciting photos from me and Grandmommy. 

Then there were presentations/comments by Judy Brombecker, Marge Grieves and Bob Green. 

Next it was time for presents. The serious gifts were first. Two brand new bow-ties and some gift cards to Kohls, Applebees and Best Buy.

Then there was a Candygram Presentation. Dave read this poem while Karen 
unloaded the basket of appropriate candy sentiments. 

Pastor Daryl, this is your special day! 
You have a good Reisen to celebrate so Take 5 and enjoy yourself.
Now that you have reached the age of 40 you will hear a Symphony of Snickers 
from those around you. Your joints will start to Krackel. 
Your bones will begin to Crunch.
You'll say "Where did I put my Whatchamacallit?"
Your mind will start playing Twix on you. 
You'll do things Now and Later and forget them both.
You thought by now you would be making 100 Grand when in fact it's only Skittles.
But you realize there's more to life than just a Payday like the Mounds of fun 
you have with your family and friends. 
You have been a blessing and a Lifesaver to so many and 
we hope this special birthday leaves you with Good N Plenty
Happy Birthday and Hugs and Kisses  from your church family.
PS - If you eat all this candy by yourself, you will be a little Chunky! 

And then the gag gift. It's Pastor Daryl's Over 40 Survival Cane. Complete with magnifying glass, extra set of dentures, lifesavers in the pill bottle, a horn, an over 40 Crossing sign....and of course the cane makes noise every time it hits the ground as well.

Then Daryl got to give a "rebuttal." Just a heartfelt thank you to his people. 
He was so overwhelmed and surprised and touched.  

Someone made himself at home and enjoyed the toys, balloons and cupcakes! 

We headed home with all these wonderful blessings including a basket of cards that 
Daryl opened at home while watching his Bucs win! 

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