Monday, November 11, 2013

Random Photo Fun

So I was checking the pictures on my phone today and came across a couple I haven't shared here yet. A couple of weeks ago, Daryl and I stopped at a new restaurant in downtown Ocala for lunch called "The Lunchbox." This is what I ended up having for lunch - the chicken and waffle sandwich. I couldn't finish it, but boy was it delicious. 

This past week the big excitement around our house was getting new windows and a sliding glass door for the parsonage. The boys were fascinated watching the crew take out the old ones and bring in the new. The new windows and doors are truly a blessing. They keep out a lot more of the street noise from Lake Weir/17th (including ambulances on the way to the nearby hospitals) and they keep the house more insulated for AC and heat. Not to mention they look nicer and are much easier to open. 

We ended up back at Sonny's again for dinner. This time the character award was for Wesley, because of his Student of the Month status in class. He was jazzed to get his sunglasses and certificates from the manager.  

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