Saturday, November 9, 2013

Together We Make A Family

We have a wall of pictures in our foyer dedicated to our trip in 2009 to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. In the living room over the piano, there is a wall of pictures dedicated to our trip in 2011 to England. And now, we finally have a wall of pictures up in our dining room from our trip to Davis in China this year. 

The top left frame is all pictures from Beijing. Top Row - Great Wall at Mutianyu, Us on the wall, Grandmommy with Parker and Wesley in Tiannemen Square; Middle Row - View from the Great Wall, Forbidden City; Bottom Row - Temple of Heaven, Lion from Forbidden City, Granddaddy with Parker and Wesley walking through the hutongs

The top right frame is all pictures from our Forever Family Day. Top Row - Seeing Davis for the first time, Debbie with Davis, Daryl with Davis; Middle Row - All 7 of us with the Wendy from the orphanage, All 7 of us in our matching shirts back at the hotel; Bottom Row - Grandaddy with Davis, all three brothers playing on the floor, Grandmommy with Davis in the grocery store

The bottom left frame is all pictures from our time exploring Guangzhou. Top Row - Daryl feeding Davis with chopsticks, the Five Rams Statue, brothers in Lake Liahua Park; Middle Row -  Guangxiao Temple, all 7 of us visiting Davis' orphanage; Bottom Row - Panda at the Safari Park, Davis with his birthday cake from the Garden Hotel, Canton Tower all lit up 

And the bottom right frame is all pictures from our time in Hong Kong. Top Row - mountain view from the the Ngong Ping Tram, the Lian Tan Buddha, Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland; Middle Row - harbor view from Ngong Ping tram, our family of five in Toy Story Land; Bottom Row -  It's a Small World, me with Jessie from Toy Story, and July 4th fireworks over the castle

We're glad to have these reminders up where we can see them everyday of our amazing, life-changing trip to get our little boy. Plus we want Davis to grow up seeing these pictures and to know that we value his heritage and our time in China together as a family. 

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