Monday, December 30, 2013

After Christmas

This Christmas vacation has decidedly been more understated than some in years past. It has been nice to unwind and relax.

Parker and Wesley decorated cake with Grandmommy.

We used our new annual family pass and visited MOSI (many thanks to Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam!) It's probably been twenty years since Daryl and I had been here and everything is so different.

Parker and Daddy playing mindball. Daddy won and I played winners.
I beat him and Wesley also.

We just watched the folks on the Sky Trail and zip lines.

The bed of nails absolutely fascinated Davis. He must have done this seven or eight times at least.

After MOSI, we drove through the USF campus for a while and then
headed over to Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam's Boba shop for a snack.

Dinner that night was at La Septima with Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona who are visiting from Kansas. 
Someone LOVED spanish bean soup and ate every bite of Grandma's bowl of soup. 

There's been lots of sleeping in, staying in pajamas and playing with new toys too.

We made it to church at First UMC in Seffner with both families - the place where everything began in terms of Daryl's and my relationship as well as our calls to ministry. Here are our boys standing in the prayer garden at church (it was Uncle Daniel's Eagle Scout project and where Daryl proposed to me).

There was time to hang out and making dinner with Aunt Mona and Uncle Roger
in Grandma's kitchen.

And time to enjoy presents all the way from Kansas. We got a family ornament and the boys each received a 3D bookmark, as well as an amazing Wizard of Oz popup book. Here's Aunt Mona and the boys going through the pages, including using the awesome glasses for the Emerald City. 

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