Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Family Reunion

Last Saturday we had a family reunion on my mom's side of the family, the Packer-Washburns. Everything was arranged and hosted by my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sparky at their house in Tampa. 
While we were missing my cousin Bob's kids and my cousin Paul and his family, it was the first time in MANY years that this many of us had been gathered together all in one place for any length of time. Their backyard is perfect for entertaining and for kids to play - big and small. We had a wonderful evening of fellowship, food and fun together. Good times!  

Parker and Wesley with their 2nd cousin David who's in middle school.

2nd cousins Will and Davis.
These two guys were born about a week apart, on different sides of the world. 

My cousin Russ with Davis. 

Davis with my cousin Randy's wife, Faith. 

Late arrivals - cousin Bob and his girlfriend Shelly made it to the party
after coming home from Christmas break in Jamaica. 
Bob opening his gag gift from Russ. 
This picture was of Russ and Bob in 1973 - time to update the family photo! 

Trying to recreate the pose exactly! :-) 
Many thanks to our photographer, Anna's boyfriend Matt!

Me with my cousins - the Clark brothers - (l to r) Bob, Randy and Russ.
Just missing Paul Perry. 
The surviving Packer-Washburn siblings - (l to r) - my mom Ellen, Roger and Nancy 

All of the 2nd cousins at the party - Russ' kids are in the back (Sydney, David and Anna).
Anna is holding Randy's son Will. We were missing Bob's three and Paul's three. 
Playing with goodie bag toys from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sparky. 

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