Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Celebrations - Part One

It was about 8am on Christmas morning when all three boys were awake and dressed. 
Grandaddy took Davis into the family room to see the big pile of presents and get his reaction. 

He loved them and immediately started to hand them out to everyone, regardless of the tags.

Once Davis settled down, we had the boys open up their stockings.

While we were waiting on the cousins to show up,
it was time to check out the Christmas village with its cool train. 
And then Uncle Daniel came and gave Davis a ride over the village. 

Right before we opened presents, all six Allen grandchildren posed for the annual tree picture.

Getting ready to open presents. Davis was patient in waiting for his turn. He thoroughly enjoyed the process and wanted to get down and play right away with some of his new toys.

Daryl got a few interesting things from his parents that he loved - including a new nightlight from his favorite Christmas movie and an Ultraman figurine they brought home from China.

The last part of Wesley and Parker's Christmas wasn't by the tree.
Instead a note on the tree pointed them outside to the garage.....for new mountain bikes.

Uncle Daniel showing off the puzzle map he and Dawn made for their kids 
to give clues about their big Christmas trip to NYC and DC. 

Grandmommy got a new big TV for the living room to replace an old console TV that broke and
Daryl got it all hooked up for them.

We had a couple of hours to enjoy our stuff and have some more fun before the rest of the crew joined us for lunch - my mom, Grannie plus Aunt Norma and Aunt Diane with their families.

We also did cousin gift exchange. 

Baby Charlee was all decked out for Christmas.
She's the daughter of Daryl's cousin Robert and his fiancé Alicia.
Davis was fascinated by the baby and insisted for a chance to get to hold her.

Davis also really liked Aunt Alicia and crawled up on her lap to play trucks.

Someone thought that just because he's in high school now he could tackle his Grandaddy. 
He soon found out he was wrong  - and even Davis got in on the action. 

We ate lunch out in the garage and then it was out in the yard for the big people and little people to play. Baby Charlee was in her walker, and there was dodgeball and flying Wesley's new helicopter.

The Allen Family of Five - Christmas 2013

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