Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day was a busy one. I had a funeral in the morning for a church member's husband. Then it was time to get organized in the house and start packing for our trip to see family in Seffner. 

We didn't quite get things done before we need to leave for church at 4:15. I had two services in Belleview at 5pm and 7pm and Daryl had one at Druid Hills at 6pm. All the services went well and were well attended. We all got home about 8:45pm (Daryl had to make a hospice visit after worship) and by 10pm the packing was done, the van was loaded and we were in the drive-thru line for a late dinner at Burger King before hitting the road. We made it to Seffner at 11:45pm and quickly tucked the boys all into bed after putting out snacks or Santa and the reindeer. 
We finally got a good picture of Daryl and I all dressed up in our Christmas finery. Then we checked out the latest version of Granddaddy's Christmas village - it expanded again this year! And Daryl took some time to show his brother Daniel how to tie a real bow tie. 

Then it was time to play Santa Claus. This is Christmas for 12. 
(There are no presents under the tree or super close to the tree, since it rotates)

And stockings by the fireplace stuffed with goodies for our 3 boys. 

We hit the bed after 2am and got a good nap! 

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