Saturday, December 7, 2013

Frosty Festival

From Thursday night through Sunday afternoon tomorrow, Daryl and I are juggling a bunch of different ministry activities including a board meeting, Bible study, two funerals, a wedding, an Advent breakfast, worship services and two presentations of the choir cantata with our combined choirs.

But on Friday evening for a couple of hours we had family time together with just the five of us at the school's annual Frosty Festival.

2 Liter Toss

Davis got a sucker at the Lollipop Tree. 

Daryl explaining the rock wall to Parker. He finally decided to give it a try this year. He opted for the medium side and went straight up the wall and rang the buzzer at the top!

Parker and Davis decorated cookies. 

Parker's name was on the cafeteria wall as a 4th grade star. 
Wesley rocked the dunk tank. He did it three times and so he had nine chances. The poor guy in the booth got dunked by Wesley six times!

Davis got a kazoo from the Wheel Spin 
Reindeer Toss
There were other booths and prizes and the highlight of the evening for the boys was the Kona Ice icees. The benefit of living here for five years is that we know a ton of the families and had fun visiting with different folks as well. We even ended up with an extra kid hanging around us for most of the night - one of Parker's friends. It was a really nice break and good family time.

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