Saturday, January 11, 2014

Breaking Blog Silence

Our blog silence over the last week has not been for lack of activity. We jumped back into the routine with both feet when we came home from Christmas vacation. School for the boys. Worship and a myriad of other activities at the two churches. Traveling for the funeral of a dear colleague's father. District meetings and trainings. Trying to take down the Christmas decorations and put them away. Talking with the attorney to reschedule Davis' readoption proceedings - the courthouse was overbooked and our new date is next month. A visit to a pediatric dentist for a certain six-year-old. Wesley will need multiple teeth pulled at the end of January. His extra tooth up top will be coming out (and quite possibly the tooth in front of it). Plus the bottom four front teeth need to come out now. Two rather large adult teeth are popping through behind and not pushing out the front ones. His first time losing teeth and he may have 6 to put in his special pillow for the Tooth Fairy. She better swing by the ATM on the way to the dentist's office!

We would also appreciate your prayers for Grandma. My mom has been ill since just before the end of 2013. She went on New Year's Eve to the walk-in clinic for what turned out to be bronchitis and laryngitis. No better this week she went back to the clinic and got a different antibiotic on Tuesday. And then at what was to be a regular checkup and her monthly infusion at Moffitt on Friday morning, they were very proactive in trying to help her breathe better. Besides getting her infusion, they took a chest x-ray, changed her antibiotics again, gave her an inhaler, gave her an insulin shot to bring down the sugar that was too high because of all her meds, rehydrated her and took her off one of her daily cancer meds. It was a marathon day but we're all SO glad that they took such good care of her and helped her get to feeling better. We appreciate your continued support.

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