Thursday, January 23, 2014

Return To Reality

I received a sweet email this week from another adoptive mom who reads our blog; they are in the process of adopting a daughter from Davis' province. She commented on the fact that after my "Breaking Blog Silence" post of January 11, things had stayed silent and was praying everything was ok. It's good to know that people care.

I spent two days last week at a leadership conference for pastors in Lutz and came home late Thursday afternoon. I'm so thankful that when I go away on trips like that I never have to worry because Daryl is so awesome at home with juggling church work and the boys. The big boys had a five day holiday weekend  and we spent almost all of it away - at Walt Disney World, Clergy Kids camp and Legoland (more on those later). We returned home late Monday night and were awoken in the middle of our dreamy sleep to the not-so-delightful sounds of a child throwing up. Parker had caught a bug and so Daryl worked from home on Tuesday in order to stay home with him while I went to Tampa for my mom's Moffitt appointments. By the time I came home that evening, Wesley was also sick. So Daryl worked from home with both sick big boys on Wednesday. We kept them all home from Wednesday night church and thought we were in the clear until Wesley threw up again in the middle of Wednesday night. So while Parker went back to school today, Daryl worked from home some more while watching Wesley. We are praying that both big boys will be back in school tomorrow. Davis never caught this bug - thank you God! - but we're still trying to figure out why he keeps getting hives (four times in the last week). We were thinking laundry detergent (it happened twice at hotels) but now we are thinking dairy because he recently started drinking much more milk with dinner. He's on a break from dairy right now.

While at Moffitt on Tuesday, Mom and I met with the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon. They are recommending a radical mastectomy to be followed up with regular chemo and more radiation. This will not be scheduled until after some other appointments next week - she has a PET scan on Thursday and we go Friday morning for those results and to talk with her oncologist. So that's what has been happening in our neck of the woods.

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