Friday, January 24, 2014

Seven Months As A Family

People talk all the time about the difference we have made in his life by adopting him; how blessed and lucky Davis is. But this is not a one-way street - we are just as blessed by the gift of his presence in our lives. We are not the same people we were last year and that is a good thing. Davis brings joy wherever he goes - at home, at daycare, at both churches, at Scouts, at baseball games, at Clergy Kids. His happy-go-lucky and loving personality draws people in. Last month during the Christmas parade in Belleview, Davis decided just as the parade got going that instead of walking with me and the big brothers, he wanted to ride on the church bus. He was entrusted to one of the sweet ladies I have in my Tuesday Bible study class. She wrote this about him later on Facebook: "I was so thrilled when Carol passed Davis back to me, spending time with Davis was a great gift to enjoy for part of the afternoon. Davis and I were holding the blue flag and waving it out of the window of the bus and I was singing along with the music. I would say wave to the people and Davis would say people.... My joy was being with and helping Davis wave his flag until he fell asleep standing up, resting his little head on the back of the seat in front of us - So precious. Don't know how I got the privilege but thanks feeling very blessed." 

And Davis' presence is opening up and expanding the world of Parker and Wesley's friends as well. During the baseball season last fall, one night Parker was playing with Davis through the fence while everyone was warming up. A kid from the other team walked up and looked at Parker with Davis and said with a weird tone, "Who is he playing with?!" Parker didn't have to answer though, because without missing a beat one of his teammates turned around, looked at the boy like he had three heads and said very matter-of-factly, "THAT is Parker's baby brother." End of story, thank you so very much.

At Clergy Kids this past weekend, Davis was embraced with open arms. It was so much fun to introduce him finally to many of our colleagues who had supported us with prayers throughout our adoption journey. Everyone was amazed by how seamlessly Davis fits into our family and by his grasp of the English language. Davis loved camp and made himself quite at home. He played with the other kids (especially all the little girls around his age) and let the grownups hold him. He also quickly figured out which adults would get him snacks from the kitchen - Miss Kelly and Mr Bob are two of his best friends now - in fact, Miss Kelly even let him pick the chocolate chips right out of her ice cream sundae!!!

It's been seven months. That seems unreal somehow - a short time span for so much to have happened. We are very, very blessed. In my favorite Broadway musical, Les Miserables, the main character Jean Valjean lays dying at the end, reflecting on all that has happened to him in terms of receiving God's grace and redemption. Two people whom he helped stand singing over him, "and remember the truth that once was love another person is to see the face of God." I think that is the most significant learning for our family and friends - in this picture of adoption, in loving Davis we have come to understand so much more about God and how he loves and cares for all of us as well.

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