Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Adventure - Part 2 - Clergy Kids

We got to Leesburg for Clergy Kids Camp about 5pm and headed to Ramshackle Cafe for dinner. We were supposed to meet our friends the Holdens there, but they got stuck in traffic on I75. Registration started at camp at 6:30 and after checking in we put all of our stuff in our room in building 3 and headed back to the Lodge for fun and games. Opening chapel was next and then we headed over for a special campfire and s'mores. Davis really enjoyed the sweet treats. 

Saturday was full of fun. Breakfast, chapel and then fun and games. The big kids had small group and activity times, while Davis got to hang out with us in our building with the other little kids. There were all kinds of blocks, activities, games and movies to occupy them. The bounce houses made a return visit and in the afternoon was the camp wide scavenger hunt - my team won!!!! 

Candlelight ceremony honoring the high school senior in the middle. They do this every year and these kids get to share how much Clergy Kids has meant to them. 

Davis's special friend for the weekend turned out to be Mary Elizabeth, the Holden's daughter. They were pretty much inseparable. Too cute! 

Goofing off in the dining hall after Sunday morning breakfast. 

Closing chapel. Each age group did a presentation. The videos are of Wesley's group and then Parker's group. Look who crashes the party in Parker's skit. And then we finished up worship with communion. 

Our family tradition before leaving camp is to go on a hike with the Holdens down the Path of Silence for some good tree-climbing.

Parker took this picture of the grownups. 

One final stop - Parker showing us all how to play in the Ga-ga Pit - kind of like dodgeball. 

Usually we go to lunch with the Holdens and our weekend is over and we head home at this point. But since the next day was a holiday and the kids had no school, the grownups had come up with a surprise for all of the children. So we continued our weekend of fun with the Holdens by heading south. We  ended up getting rooms at a Comfort Suites in Kissimmee. We had a nice low-key afternoon and evening - watching football, kids playing, doing some laundry and getting pizza for dinner. At this point the kids still had no idea we were headed to Legoland the next day. 

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