Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend Adventure - Part 3 - Legoland

We bought annual passes to Legoland when we were there in December. It's 2 hours south of the house. Turns out it is 2 hours north of the Holdens' house in LaBelle. They bought annual passes too and now we have a perfect hang out spot halfway between us. Thankfully it had warmed up slightly from the weekend and the park was not very full - we walked right on to several rides. 

These two are not tall enough yet for the roller coaster, but they looked good in the sample car out front. Wesley was the only kid who wanted to ride this - so he rode first with me and Christy and then again with Daryl and James. 

The Technicycle - you have to pedal faster for it to go higher.

Boat School.

Jr Driving School - we still don't have the concept of holding down the gas pedal. But he'll get there.

Regular Driving School for the big boys.

All 5 kids by the Imagination Zone. 

The pirates at the waterski show. Davis sat very suspiciously through the whole performance remembering our last fiasco of ending up in the splash zone. Three of the kids wanted pictures with the characters after. 

Time for the Lego Chima 4D show.

After burgers for lunch we spent time doing the Lost Kingdom Adventure ride and then the big boys played in Pharoah's revenge while the littles rode Beetle Bounce with Daryl.

Next up was Safari Trek - Will looks super cool with his feet up while Parker steers. 

And off to Miniland with all the super cool Star Wars stuff plus the cities. Davis loved all of the interactive sites where you could push a button and something moved or lit up.

Christy took all the kids on the carousel while the rest of the grownups stood in line for Granny Fries. 

You know it's been a good fun day when this happens before you even get to leave the park.
Davis fell asleep in the loud noisy gift shop!

We were some of the last people to leave the park to head home. We were so glad to be able to have fun with our friends and we're looking forward to our next trip to Legoland together.  

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