Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doctors and Hospitals and Surgery, Oh My!

Today was a big day for Davis. He had outpatient surgery at the Shands Children's Surgical Center in Gainesville. We met the pediatric urologist performing today's circumcision during a consult back in January. While Davis has had surgery before, this was the first time he's had anything major since he's been with us. And although we've been parents for ten years now, this was the first time one of our kids had been under anesthesia. We arrived at 10am like we were supposed to for the 11am surgery. Only they were running behind. So we waited. And waited some more. Davis found ways to entertain himself. 

Checking out the fish tank - featuring Nemo and Dorey - plus some cool starfish.  

Taking selfies with Mama. 

Playing cars on the floor. 

Reading Disney books with Baba. 

They finally called us back into pre-op at 12:30pm. 

And we waited some more. 

He played on the gurney and tried to make his bear take a nap. 

Mind you, this kid had not had anything to eat or drink since dinner time the night before. He did so well with all the waiting. The only time he got really upset was when Dr. DeMarco came in dressed in scrubs from head-to-toe to talk with us before surgery. Finally, while waiting on the versed to relax him, Davis fell asleep on Baba's lap. 

We transferred him to the gurney and he went back for surgery at 2pm. 

They gave us a pager to hold onto and we went out into the building's atrium. We filled his prescription for pain meds at the pharmacy there and I took a quick trip down the road to get us some lunch. Shortly after 3pm our pager went off. Davis' surgery was done and had gone well. He was in the phase 1 recovery room and he needed to wake up before we could see him again in the phase 2 recovery room. 

Our sweet boy took 45 minutes to wake up but woke up happy! We snuggled for a bit in a big recliner with his blanket and his bear while he chattered on about his boo-boo (the bandage on his hand covering the IV). He drank some Gatorade and shortly after 4pm he was discharged and we were in the car headed home. 

Miss Kelly had met the big boys at home after school and fed them dinner before taking them to the Rotary for baseball. I stayed home with Davis while Baba went to watch the big boys play (they both won!). Davis has spent most of the evening sleeping thankfully and in his moments of wakefulness he has been making up for the lack of food by eating big bowls of dry Fruit Loops! Thanks so much for your prayers and support. We're laying low at home for the next few days to let Davis rest and heal. 

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