Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nine Months as a Family

Last week we marked 9 months together as a family with Davis. We spent the day celebrating in the Magic Kingdom while on spring break in Orlando (more on that later).

Davis continues to recuperate well after his surgery. He was pretty uncomfortable for the first few days and the pain medicine helped tremendously. But he was able to be active and participate in vacation just fine with a few restrictions, like no swimming. Things are healing nicely and we will not need to return to the specialist for a checkup.

Davis' vocabulary is constantly expanding and he's added a bunch of slang words into his repertoire. Now if he wants to say No, we're just as likely to hear "nope" or "unh unh." He strings longer sentences together all of the time. He also asks questions everywhere we go - What is that? - over and over again until he begins to understand what you are explaining. Everything belongs to him with a resounding "mine" - all the way from "my baba" to "my Mickey Mouse." We're working on the concept words of cold and hot because he frequently interchanges them when talking about the temperature of the water in his bathtub. He's picking up colors - he asked for the red angry bird sticker - and he's also able to sign with his hands "I love you" and show us now with his fingers that he is three years old when you ask his age.

His ability to interact with others is are really coming along well now too. In the last few days teachers at school and people from church have commented on how open is becoming in walking up to people and talking with them. He's happy and playful and if he's seen you before or you are in one of his safe places, Davis is not shy. He is anxious to get to daycare each day, running from the car to the front door and banging on the door to his classroom yelling for his teacher Miss Krista. Our little ladies' man is up to three "girlfriends" now - besides Miss Mary Elizabeth from Clergy Kids, his best friend at school is a little girl named Lyric and at the ballpark he and the coach's daughter Olivia are inseparable during Wesley's games and practices.

The time has simply flown by so quickly. And every single day Davis is learning and growing and changing by leaps and bounds. We're so privileged to have a front row seat to all of his growth and understanding. 

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