Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Night Fun - Talent Show

Druid Hills had a Talent Show with Dessert Bar on Saturday night in the Fellowship Hall. Our friends Lindsi and Jami both were part of the evening - Lindsi did a card trick with Parker as her volunteer and Jami read poetry. 

Shyness is a thing of the past where Davis is concerned. In places he knows - like church and the baseball field - he will run around and visit with all of his friends. He made the rounds at the talent show -  from Uncle Charles and Aunt Eunice to Miss Debby here and later he hung out with Miss Doris and Miss Kelsey while we all did the Hokey Pokey. 

But for our boys the biggest hit of the evening was by far the dogs. Miss Joan the choir director is a puppy raiser with guide dogs. The big dog on the floor here is Larry. He's 3 years old. He did a dance in the talent show! Larry lives permanently with Miss Joan and her husband, after being excused from the guide dog foundation because of his allergies. He is the sweetest and most patient dog with all of the children. Larry has a new friend Alfie - who is ten weeks old and learning the ropes with all of this attention.  

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