Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Months As A Family

Last week marked 10 months that Davis has been a part of our family. There are lots of ways we are seeing changes. Wesley remarked this week that the size of our family diaper bag has gone down from a very large bag stuffed with diapers, wipes, change of clothes, toys, snacks, sippy cup and water bottles to a very small bag that only contains a couple of pullups and some wipes. That reflects a little boy who no longer has to have snacks-on-demand right now and must be occupied/distracted with something every time we are out and about. He does so well with being out in public and being able to wait until meal times for eating.

At night Davis has several stuffed animals that he likes to have in the bed to go to sleep. He MUST have Mickey Mouse, but other animals in the place of honor include the panda bear, his Jake doll and also his Build-A-Bear that his big brothers made. He also loves to be tucked into bed with his fleece sports blanket, and you must go through the routine of "Snug as a Bug in a Rug." He also really likes to snuggle with people at night. This is quite a contrast from the little boy who would let you lay in the bed with him but you could not touch him, would not tolerate covers at all, and would not touch stuffed animals at all.

Potty training is coming along. They are working with him at school during the day and we try our best at home and our many trips to the ballfield to work with him. And here's the cute anecdote of the week - If you are in trouble, Davis will call you by your first name and then add "Robert" at the end! Robert is Wesley's middle name and Davis hears it of course when Wesley is in trouble. He has decided that Robert is the universal word for "you are doing something wrong and need to be corrected." We are working on teaching Davis the concept of middle names, and in particular his middle name of "Warren."

Life is certainly busy with three boys but it is definitely rewarding and never dull!

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