Thursday, May 1, 2014

Plumbing Adventures

Last Thursday night Daryl and I came home late from a meeting in Orlando and as we were getting ready for bed, heard water running in the bathroom. We couldn't find the source though - no drip in our shower or sink and the toilet wasn't running. We checked the boys' bathroom and no issues there. Then we checked the cat bathroom, kitchen sink and dishwasher, even the washing machine in the garage and all the spigots on the outside of the house. Nothing was on; nothing was leaking or dripping. We tried turning the water off by the road only to discover that the last time the city did something with our water pipes they put a lock on our meter box. Friday morning we called the city to unlock the box and then the plumber and he couldn't find the leak. Over the weekend we used water sparingly and kept running out to the curb to turn it off and on. 

Monday the leak specialist came out to our house with detection equipment and discovered that the leak was actually in a pipe underneath Parker's bedroom. So yesterday they came out to fix it. Daryl moved some furniture out of Parker's room and put up visqueen to help keep dust off everything else. 

This was the hole they cut through Parker's floor to get to the leaky pipe. Most of the time pipes are about 12 inches under the house; ours was 36 inches down into the ground. 

This was the cause of all the problems. A pinhole leak in the copper pipe. There was another soft place near this one in the pipe so they made sure to cut the section big enough to get rid of both the hole and the soft spot. Hopefully that is our only leak! 

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