Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break Vacation - Tuesday and Wednesday

Since we stayed up so late on Monday night at Disney, we slept in on Tuesday and Daryl made waffles for breakfast when we finally got moving. We finally got going in the afternoon and headed out to play some putt-putt at Pirate Cove, always a favorite with the big boys. This was Davis' first real time at putt-putt. He hung in there well and played on the first 18 holes, but just kind of walked around and took in the scenery on the last 18 holes.

We spent some time shopping in our favorite big box store of all time - IKEA - and had a late lunch/dinner there. Then we headed back to Disney to the Beach Club Resort to have ice cream at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop. There's only 10 tables in the place so it's almost impossible to get a reservation, but thankfully they have a walk-up counter too. Everyone enjoyed their waffle cones and sundaes.  If you are lucky enough to get an inside table, you can order something called "The Kitchen Sink" - it comes with eight scoops of ice cream plus every topping they have in a stainless steel bowl complete with faucet and handles like a sink. When they bring one out to the table, all the lights flash inside the restaurant. We got to watch from the windows a couple of times - and boy is that a lot of ice cream.

We walked the loop past the Yacht Club resort around the lake past the Boardwalk Inn and Resort. From here we could see the EPCOT fireworks and also caught a magician act - the thing that impressed the big boys so much was when he solved the Rubix Cube while blindfolded.

Wednesday was another relaxing day on our schedule. I got up early though to head to Downtown Disney. Parker has been reading the book series Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson - all the books take place in the different Disney parks as a group of teenagers battle against Disney villains. He's on book two currently, but the last book of the series was being released early at Disney and Ridley Pearson was going to be on hand to autograph books. Getting the book and the autograph was Parker's birthday gift from Grandma. I stood in line for an hour and fifteen minutes in order to get a wristband that would allow us to come back in the afternoon for the signing and guarantee us meeting the author and getting two signatures. When I arrived, there were 40 people in front of me and another 80 people or so in line after me!

We had Fuddrucker's for lunch as a family and did a little bit of outlet mall window shopping before heading back to Downtown Disney. Parker had no idea why we were there or why all these people were in line - he was SO excited when he found out we were there to meet Ridley Pearson and get autographs. We were very impressed with Mr. Pearson - he came out early and greeted some people in the line, then started autographing inside a full 30 minutes before the autograph session was supposed to start in hopes that everyone who was in line would get to meet him. We brought Parker's book one to be signed as well as the newest one. I shared with Mr. Pearson that after reading book 1 about the Magic Kingdom that Parker was finally able to ride Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean without being really scared (he just kept repeating "Kingdom Keepers always win"). Mr. Pearson signed both books, chatted with Parker encouraging him to always keep reading (even if it wasn't his books) and Parker and Wesley even got Kingdom Keepers keychains.

This was the line of folks still waiting for signatures when we left. 

We did our souvenir shopping for the week after that - and this was Davis' choice. He was not leaving without a Mickey Mouse and he carts Mickey all around the house, to school and to bed every night. "My Mickey Mouse" is the new catchphrase and no one else had better touch him or you get in trouble. Safe to say he is a huge fan of Disney World.

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