Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Little Bit of Friday Family Fun

Thursday night Daryl planned a little family fun for Friday evening. He bought us tickets to Game 2 of the Gainesville Regional of the NCAA Men's Baseball Tournament - University of Florida Gators vs the College of Charleston Cougars. It's been two years since we've made it to a Gator baseball game and the big boys were understandably super excited about the chance to go and to show Davis around. We got all dressed up in our Gator gear and headed out in time for dinner in Gainesville at Red Robin before going to the game. Just as we walked up to our seats in the stadium, with 30 minutes until game time, there was a lightning strike nearby and we all had to go underneath the stadium. Then the rain started and kept on coming. The game that was supposed to start at 7pm eventually got underway at 10:15pm.

Finally getting the field ready to play. 

Our seats were just a couple of rows in front of the press box, right behind home plate. 

Davis was fascinated by Albert the Alligator. 
So much so that we eventually had to go chase him down for a photo opportunity.

While the weather turned out great after the rain was over and we had fun being in the stadium and watching the game, the Gators lost 3-2. They gave up those three runs in the very first inning and could just never make enough other plays happen. Davis tried so hard to stay awake but finally passed out in the 8th inning. Parker and Wesley spent a couple of innings along the wall past first base and came back later, each with a foul ball. They were pretty happy about that and the fact that the balls each have the Gator and SEC logos. The game wrapped up at 1:20am and we headed home to crash. Thank goodness we got to sleep in this morning.

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