Monday, June 2, 2014

Grandma Update

Grandma was supposed to have chemo treatment #6 last Friday. On Thursday she got a call from Moffitt letting her know that chemo was being postponed until she came in and actually saw her oncologist Dr Han and that she may or may not have chemo following that appointment. So Grandma had a friend from church bring her today and I juggled things around and met them at Moffitt because we didn't like the change in schedule without knowing exactly why. 

Grandma had bloodwork and then saw Dr Han. Grandma has a rash on her face, neck, arms and legs. It gets worse when she is on the pills from the chemo clinical trial and gets better the week that she is off of the medicine. Dr. Han feels her reaction is too strong to continue with the trial pills for now and so effective immediately she is off of them.

Mom also has a lot of swelling in her lower legs, feet and toes. It's better since they gave her some water pills last week but still a problem. Combined with her increasing fatigue and lack of energy, Dr. Han decided to reduce the strength of today's chemo treatment by 20%. She got her chemo and also the Xgeva shot to help strengthen her bones. 

Grandma has an appointment with dermatologist on Friday, as well a CT scan and a bone scan (already scheduled as part of th protocols from the clinical trial). Dr. Han should let her know the results on Monday and we'll go from there in talking more about her future chemo treatments and participation in the clinical trial. We appreciate your continued support and prayers. 


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