Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Celebrating a Baptism, a Birthday and Father's Day

After Davis' baptism last Saturday, we headed back to Grandmommy and Granddaddy's to celebrate as well as to recognize my birthday and Father's Day. Davis received several beautiful books, a plaque, some cars and a gift card to the bookstore. 

Grandmommy's green cake is one of my favorites (made with pistachio pudding and filled with chocolate chips). Minnie Mouse only got to spend a few minutes on top of the cake, because Davis had been carting her around the house for most of the afternoon. Everyone was so generous and I can't wait to go shopping at Kohl's with all my gift cards. Daryl and the boys bought me beautiful jade earrings to go along with my jade necklace and bracelet. 

Here's Daryl with all three of his boys for Father's Day. Our resident Dr. Who fan received a Dr. Who ice cube tray (with the Tardis and Dalek shapes) and a Dr. Who t-shirt that says "Bow Ties Are Cool." 

After a very long week away (Legoland, Annual Conference and Seffner) we finally pointed the car home towards Ocala about 7pm that night. What a relief to be back in our own beds again! 

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