Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School Is Over!

Today is the last day of school for both Parker and Wesley. The last two weeks have been busy ones for the boys. Parker found out that he made safety patrol for 5th grade at South Ocala and he had to go early/stay late in order to shadow this year's safety patrol. He also stayed late one afternoon to audition for the school's Lego Robotics team for next year and was awarded a spot on the team. Finally he brought home this certificate showing he was 2nd in his whole school for points on the Ticket to Read website. 

We went to school two days for special events with Parker. Last week was his Enrichment Class Open House. This is the special class with Miss McMillen where they work on making videos and powerpoint presentations and learning to use some of the Lego pieces that integrate into the computer - he showed us a piece was powered by the computer and he used it as a back massager on his friend Preston. Davis thought it was neat to go to school and see Parker and wanted to get right in on all the action. 

Yesterday was an awards assembly for the 3rd and 4th graders. Parker was recognized up on stage for having all A honor roll the entire year. He was one of only 8 students in 3rd and 4th grade to have straight As. He received both a certificate and a medal for his accomplishment.

Wesley has had lots of good stuff too. He's doing well with his reading and is enjoying reading to Davis at night in their room. For knowing and being able to read the special 100 words in his class he got to be part of a pizza party today. He received an award at PE the other day - one of the milestone foot charms celebrating how many laps he has completed.  South Ocala no longer does typical kindergarten graduation. Yesterday they had a special end of year celebration for kindergarteners known as the "Kindy 500." Each student had to make a cardboard car to participate. Wesley and I worked last week to make his police car. At the school, all the other grades lined up along the sidewalks as well as parents, and the loudspeakers blared "Life is a Highway" from the movie Cars while the kids walked all around campus in their cars.

Miss Studer's kindergarten class and their cars. 

Afterwards we all went back to the kindergarten classrooms where the students and families had cake to celebrate.

Helping Baba take Wesley's police car back to our van. 

We're thankful that it has been a very good school year for both of the big boys in terms of their own learning, and that South Ocala is a really wonderful school environment with lots of great teachers and staff. 

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