Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another Thank You

Sunday was our 5th Sunday pulpit swap between the two churches: where I preach at Druid Hills and Daryl goes to Belleview. But I was informed ahead of time that I would need to make plans to come back to Belleview for the potluck luncheon that they always hold on 5th Sundays. 

When I walked in, they were still waiting to eat, which I thought was strange. But then I found out why. 
The luncheon was a celebration of our family - celebrating one year with Davis! Every single table had a centerpiece of toys and all the toys came home with us as gifts for the boys. 


We were very touched by the church's celebration and and thankful for their generosity. The boys are having fun already with some things like construction vehicles, monster trucks, those little tiny animals that grow in water and the coloring books. Plus there's lots of good beach toys in there for our annual beach pilgrimage later this month.

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