Saturday, November 15, 2014

Camping in the Forest

We spent Friday evening and Saturday out at Camp Sozo in the Ocala National Forest with our Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop from DHUMC. Parker, along with the three other Webelo 2s, have attended Boy Scouts the last two weeks to demonstrate their Cub Scout knowledge and to help plan food and details for this campout. It was the last requirement the boys needed for their Arrow of Light award - the highest award you can earn in Cub Scouts and the only one that you can keep and wear on your Boy Scout uniform. They will receive that at their last Cub Scout pack meeting at the end of the month. 

Parker used his own tent and stayed by himself in the Boy Scout camp area, while the rest of us stayed in another tent in the nearby area designated for Cub Scouts. It was pretty cold (got down into the high 30s) but we all had enough to stay warm between sleeping bags, blankets and layers of clothes. 

Green tent in the middle there is Parker. 
Pavilion in Boy Scout area for meals. 

Standing in the Boy Scout area looking east towards the Cub Scouts.
Our family's campsite. 
Two of my handsome guys trying to stay warm. 

The Cub Scouts worked on some group games for belt loops, including football, soccer and kick ball.  And they had some free time for goofing off. 

The Boy Scouts were there to help on an Eagle Scout project: building a fire ring and benches near the lake. The Webelo scouts helped with clearing out the area of brush and debris - Parker was manning a shovel, rake and helping cart it away in a wheelbarrow. 

Davis entertained himself for a while in the volleyball pit and then we spent some time hanging out on the dock. 

After the project was over, it was time for some fishing. Some of the Boy Scouts had their own reels; the Cub Scouts made their own. 

After lunch and some rest time it was time for a nature walk. Daryl went with Parker and Wesley while I stayed back at camp to pack and watch over napping Davis. They found some bear tracks! 

We left shortly around 5pm and headed back to get ready for Sunday. Parker stayed with the Boy Scouts and will return on Sunday after church. He really had a blast and is very much looking forward towards being a Boy Scout. 

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